Dominica Citizenship: For People Who Can Invest

Dominica is an island country situated in the Eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. Its mountain ranges, rain forests, and beautiful nature are what make it an ideal place for tourists every year. There are mainly two investment opportunities that the government designs to accept immigrants from other countries. Apply for citizenship by investment UAE today and fly to the Caribbean nation from Dubai.

Fastest Way to Attain Second

Investing under the choices designed by the Dominican government is considered one of the easiest and most straightforward methods available for any foreign citizen who is planning to settle down in a Caribbean nation. It also allows the individual, his family, and dependents to earn a second passport in the country. 

2 Choices for Investors

There are two different available investment options if you are a foreign national who is planning to invest in Dominica in return for second citizenship there. This will give you an idea about the amount you need to become a citizen. They are as follows:


Under this option, the person who plans to get Dominica citizenship must donate to the government fund. Here the individual must consider a fund that is worth $100,000. If it is two-member citizenship, the amount must be worth $175,000. And if it is 4-member family citizenship, there must be an amount worth $200,000.

Real Estate

Under the Dominica real estate citizenship, the person who plans to obtain citizenship in Dominica must consider putting some amount into real estate. The fund should be nothing less than $200,000 in a property that the authority of Dominica approves.

Why is it a Good Opportunity?

Exemption from Certain Taxes

Dominica also allows the people holding citizenship there to enjoy their personal or corporate income without any tax deductions. This exemption makes it a perfect place for investment and jobs.

Entry to Other Countries

It gives the person access to more than 140 countries globally without the need for any visa. EU, the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong and Singapore are some of the countries where you can travel.

Duty-Free Trading

Any foreign national holding Dominica’s second citizenship is allowed to trade items without paying any excise, sales, value-added or other taxes. This is the feature that attracted many businessmen to come and start their businesses in Dominica.

No Stay Needed

There is no need for the person to stay in Dominica to get citizenship. This feature makes it easy to acquire through investment. It does not even require the foreign national to come to the nation even for one time.

Free Profit Transfer

Here, the foreign individuals who invested in Dominica can transfer their entire profits earned from the investments to their home country, making it one of the most attractive countries for investment.

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