Dubai has proved itself in all the domains of progress and creativity. Be it fashion or anything else; you will find a name of Dubai brands on the list. The effective practices in the region come with the religion Islam and Abayas are part of the culture. While keeping the tradition intact, fashionable brands like Hanayen create moderate and new design abaya in Dubai each day. Hanayen Dubai is a renowned brand, providing loyalty to customers for many decades. Here are a few new designs you can find on their websites and stores:

  • Front Open: Front open Abayas are really in the trend these days, and there are many sub designs in the category. There are categories like the buttoned open front, tied open front, and more available exclusively for you. These types of Abayas are comfortable, and you can show off your regular clothes while wearing them. It almost works as a coat, looking all stunning and classy.
  • Border lining design: If you do not like heavy designs yet do not want the Abaya to be all plain and simple, this is the perfect thing for it. The Abaya would be a solid color, and there are borders marked with black strips and borders all over it. It is a very sleek type of Abaya and looks classy. You can also get different color combinations up to your liking.

  • Abaya with Elements: Swaroski is a world-class glass brand, and it is known for bringing extra beauty to everything with its quality glass. Hanayen offers you abayas with elements of Swarovski attached to the exteriors. You can find the most precious and exclusive styles. The best part is that you can also find Misbahas to go with your look and work like a cherry on top.
  • Embroidered designs: There is something about embroidery that makes things appear creative and wholesome. Embroidery on Abaya looks very decent and trendy to go with any occasion. You can find colors like dark green, teal, yellow, and more with a craft of suitable color combination and make your everyday look bolder and more confident. This type of Abayas is flexible, and you can style it for any regular or special day. You can find options for handmade or computer machine embroidery.
  • Multicolor Abayas: Whoever believes that Abaya only comes in black color has not yet explored the options. You can get the most beautiful color combinations that are stylish yet modest. You can find primary colors adjusted in perfect ratios to give out the most delicate look. You have options of having two or three colors in a single Abaya, all up to your choice.

Abayas are the most modest kind of clothing, but they should not always be simple and pale. There is a wide range of new abaya designs in Dubai that can catch your eye in no time. Scroll through the website of Hanayen Dubai today to find the most relevant and fascinating designs to make your wardrobe fancier; get ready to dress to impress.

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