Why You Should Work With an ICCRC Certified Consultant?

Canada is a famous country that has been on the top for foreign immigrants and students worldwide when choosing a place to settle down for a better future. The country offers many programs like express entry, skilled federal workers, self-employed persons, start-ups, temporary foreign workers, and other visas to welcome foreign nationals. When you plan to immigrate to Canada, choose the ICCRC registered consultants in Abu Dhabi. The country is well-known for accepting varied cultures, offering high-quality education and infrastructure facilities, improved standard of living, etc. 

Benefits of Hiring an ICCRC Licensed Consultant

Helps Choose the Correct Program

There are many immigration programs available to apply in Canada, making it challenging for you to choose the correct one that matches your skills and eligibility. The ICCRC approved consultants are experts who know all aspects, making it easy for them to choose the best one for you.

Resolves Complex Issues in the Process

The process to apply for immigration to Canada is not a simple one. Also, there are specific issues that are involved in the process that are inevitable. The licensed consultants will detect these issues and help you resolve them quickly.

Helps in Flawless Applications

The immigration consultants will help you understand all the problems related to the procedure that will guarantee a spotless and smooth process to get a PR visa, with minimum difficulties.

They are Insured

Under the guidance of the ICCRC licensed consultants, you can expect the lowest mistakes. Moreover, they deliver practical suggestions to reduce errors.

Helps Save Time

As the ICCRC consultants are experts, they will assist you to quickly obtain an immigration visa without any mistakes that help you acquire it without any delays.

Will Have Updated Information

They are well-versed with the latest happenings in the rules, procedures and conditions for eligibility involved. 

Protection Against Fraud

The ICCRC approved consultants are specialists associated with the law of immigration. Therefore, there is no chance they are involved in any fraud or hidden costs.

Steps Involved in Acquiring a Canadian PR Visa

  • First, get the Educational Credential Assessment certificate. It confirms that all your educational qualifications are acceptable in Canada.
  • Then register for the English mastery test and acquire a band acceptable there.
  • Choose the right program for Canadian immigration based on your eligibility criteria.
  • Create the online profile for the application or download the form and fill it up with the correct details. 
  • Obtain the CRS score necessary for the PR visa. The score acts as a cutoff to assess the applicants.
  • Obtain the invitation to register for the Permanent Residency visa.
  • Make the required amount of payment for the processing fee.
  • If everything goes well, you will receive the immigration visa within six months of the application.

If you have any further doubts regarding the process for the immigration to Canada from Abu Dhabi, contact the ICCRC consultants today!

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